Fabric conditioner or softener is a great addition to the laundry routine. It leaves the clothes with a natural soft to the touch, reduces static build-up in synthetic fibres and gives a refreshing scent that persists even after drying. Whether it’s the usual wash cycle or a dryer product, the details below exemplify how to use fabric conditioner more creatively.

  1. The used format

Fabric softener intended for the washer usually come in liquid form that can be used in both top and front-loading washers. If you’re aiming for a dryer based fabric conditioner, let the wash cycle complete before placing the content on the clothes. For line-dry laundry, liquid product works best! Finally, let’s have a look at some innovative uses of fabric conditioner.

  1. Pull apart old wallpaper

Removing old paper with a fabric softener is a snap. All you need is to stir a cup of liquid conditioner in luke-warm water, sponge the solution directly on the paper and leave it for more or less 20 minutes. Now, gently scrape the paper off the wall whereas for water-resistant coating, score it lightly with a wire-bristle brush before applying the solution.

  1. Eliminate carpet static

Spray the carpet with a fabric softener to abolish those uncomfortable carpet shock or static as you walk. To make the spray, dilute a cup of softener in almost 2.5 litres water and spritz some directly on the carpet. Be careful not to completely drench the carpet or else softener may damage the backing. The best strategy is spraying the solution in the evening and let the carpet dry overnight. The de-shock effect lasts for several weeks, so you needn’t repeat the cycle every week.

  1. Clean hairspray residue

Dried off hairspray residue is tougher to remove from the vanities and walls but not for a fabric softener! Spray the same fabric softener solution on the dry residue and wipe with a dry cloth.

  1. Instant Cleaner

Fabric conditioner also works best against dust and dirt on glass, shower doors and other hard surfaces. Spray the solution on a clean and dry cloth; wipe clean the surface followed by a final rub of smooth, cleaner rag.

  1. Bust baked-on grime

Baked-on grime has always been annoying, but you need not scrub it anymore thanks to fabric conditioner. Soak burned-on food debris with water and spray liquid fabric softener which will break apart the hardened crust. Wipe the content using a clean and non-abrasive cloth and your kitchen appliance would shine like new!

  1. Keeping the paintbrushes pliable

Paint brush after initial use hardens that’s mostly disposed of by many! Surprisingly, paintbrush bristles can be flexible and reused by dipping it in a mixture of water and fabric softener. Leave it for almost an hour and rinse thoroughly with hot water.

  1. Hard water stain remover

Hard-water stains on windows require a certain elbow grease, but you can speed you the process as well as make it easier. Apply double-strength fabric conditioner directly on the stain and let it soak for more or less 10 minutes. Wipe with a damp cloth and rinse to restore the window shine!

  1. Car bug remover

Most of us are unaware that fabric conditioner is also an excellent car bug cleaner. During the summer season, smaller insects and bugs may breed over the car’s body and windshield, so all you need is to wipe it thoroughly with a solution of warm water and liquid fabric softener, scrub with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth, rinse again with luke-warm water and enjoy driving a bug-free vehicle.

  • Cleanses pet dander

Pet hairs on the furniture, carpet and upholstery are unbearable, and they may cause breathing issues among individuals. Even here, fabric conditioner is put to great use being a super pet hair remover. Just dump a clean rag into the water and conditioner solution, wipe thoroughly and allow it to air-dry. Your house will be 100 percent pet hair free by the end of the day!

  • Fights shoe odour

Wipe inside of the shoe with a fraction of fabric conditioner, and it’ll keep that typical shoe smell away for all day long! Most useful during summer season especially if you thread a lot!


How to use fabric conditioner; above details pretty much answer the question presenting some of the most creative and different purposes.

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