Hello Guys, we all get many types of tasks in our daily life, sometimes we performed it well, but sometimes we made some mistake and got our task wasted. Today without wasting time, I will come to the point, this post is based on “How to perform any of  the business project/task/assignment successfully in an effective and efficient manner?” So, let’s get started with a hope that this post might help you to perform your task successfully. Hope you enjoy it and share this with many other mates.

Guys for performing any of the tasks wethers its blogging, business project, school assignment, etc. You must perform the “AAA” process. Where first A refers to Analyzing, second A refers to Applying, third A refers to Achieving the goal of the task. So the question is,

What is AAA Technique?

AAA refers to the technique of measuring, implementing, for performing tasks successfully in an effective and efficient manner.

  • A (Analyzing): – Guys this the necessary step of this technique, you must know that in what shit you are stepping in to. Firstly you have to scan the task/project/assignment and make sure that you understand you understand the task correctly. And you may also prepare a brief description of the task for your ease. Then you have to analyse that what resources this project/task want? And What resources you have to perform the task. Thirdly you must analyse the situation in which you are gonna perform the task. Because everyone knows future is uncertain and market forces change at every moment, so Analysing the market is quite important to do. Then you have to plan for the task of completing it in an effective and efficient manner. Always remember a good plan is one which is prepared for the dubious and upcoming market circumstances. And if you were done this step, then congrats you are going to perform tasks effectively and efficiently.
  • A (Applying): –  Applying means to be get prepared for applying your plan. This process is very simple, it includes check at every resource you have for completion of the task. Check at market situation, set a goal, And always remember that you have to perform the task effectively and efficiently. And then, at last, go for it, as you planned. After this, you have to move towards next step quickly.
  • A (Achieving): – woohoo!” Finally reached last A“. It is a very very important function of the technique. It is the process where you make sure that there is the proper execution of the plan to attain your objective. Because this is the part where you can get your Actual output= Potential output. The actual output means output you are getting by using your resources, and Potential output means output you planned. According to this”A,” you have to make sure all of the functions are working according to the plan. Also, make sure that all of your resources are fully and efficiently utilised.

This is must for getting the results according to your plan if it’s not happening then necessary action must be taken. Let’s understand this with an example:-

Guys, I’ll give you two practical examples one of the successful business projects and another was of unsuccessful projects.

In the about the year 2003, A very famous airlines group named Lufthansa Airlines faced the quite lethal crisis because of significant changes in the Market. This airlines firm was in problem due to the losses they getting at regular intervals. The owner of this airlines was in the position of bankruptcy. Then he visited her wife college and announced that anyone who solves the problem would work with him as partners in his firm. Then a group of the youngsters came and promised to solve the crisis. Then they simply analysis the market situation and found the fault, they then plan for it and Apply it, after that, they checked that all of the functions are working according to the plan for achieving goals. And within 5 to 6 months the firm started making the profit again. This is how the ” AAA” technique works.

While on the other hand, Kingfisher Airlines also face the same crisis in the year 2012. They were also getting regular losses, and unable to pay their workers salary too. They were unable to Analyse the market situations, as well as they unable to complete its Achieving process. And hence got the shit, and got bankrupt within 2 to 3 months. And owner Ran away. So Guys, hope you understand that how much important are these AAA in our tasks.

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