AdSense Invalid Clicks Activity & Click Bombing Protection (WordPress Plugin)

I'm not promoting this plugin for any affiliate or commission. I'm recommending this because of its features. Give it a try and add an extra layer of security for you AdSense

Hi buddy, Yesterday ( 17/11/2016 ) I got a mail from AdSense which shocked me. Below is the transcript of that mail.


We recently detected invalid activity in your AdSense account. As a result, we’ve temporarily suspended your account for 30 days. During this time, no ads will be served on your sites.

Why was my account suspended?

We found that you were clicking on your own AdSense ads, which is prohibited by the AdSense Program Policies.

We understand that you may want to know more about the invalid activity we’ve detected. Because this information could be used to circumvent our proprietary detection system, we’re unable to provide our publishers with information about specific account activity, including any web pages or users that may have been involved.

This is a one-time, non-appealable suspension. After 30 days, we’ll automatically re-enable ad-serving on your account.


Thanks to God, the suspension was temporarily not a permanent ban. Okay, let’s move on…

After 33 days my account was active again its still active. It took 5 more days extra to start serving ads. So be patient if your account has not activated after 30 days. Keep calm, its totally automated process.

Note: If your account is in 30 days suspension period then remove all ads from your every site. In this period have a look at your site, contents, traffic source and other factors to make it secure from future suspension and permanent ban. 😀

I hope that your AdSense account has started to get clicks and generate $$$ for you. I will not take your precious time. You are here because you want to secure your AdSense account from invalid clicks activity and click bombing. You are here to know all about Adsense click bombing protection. This is easy to follow the guide, so need to worry about. Just follow all steps and protect AdSense from invalid clicks activity.

Most of us start their blog then start monetizing with AdSense on their new website. They don’t take any additional steps to protect their AdSense account. They even don’t read Adsense terms and conditions. It would be better for you to read Adsense policies before serving AdSense ads on your blog. You can read their policies here:  AdSense policies: a beginner’s guide.

I hope that you have visited above link and now familiar with their terms. Now, I’ll tell you how to protect your AdSense account on WordPress from self-clicking and click bombing.

Oh, wait… Don’t you want to know how I got that temporarily suspension mail?

How My AdSense Account Got Suspended For 30 Days?

There was no primary reason behind this. I usually never switch off my PC even I don’t close the browser. On that day, one of my friends asked me to use my PC for downloading some apps. I left my PC and went outside. He searched google for apps. As you know, Google uses cookies to show you relevant ads. That awkward moment came, and he opened my website where AdSense started to serve app related ads. He began to click ads and downloading apps.

He told me today what he did yesterday. 🙁 🙁 🙁 So, first of all, you must know What is invalid clicks activity?

Definition of invalid clicks activity by Google

Invalid click activity includes any clicks or impressions that may artificially inflate an advertiser’s costs or a publisher’s earnings. Invalid activity covers intentionally fraudulent traffic as well as accidental clicks.

Invalid activity includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clicks or Impressions generated by publishers clicking their live ads
  • Repeated ad clicks or impressions generated by one or more users
  • Publishers encouraging clicks on their ads (examples may include: any language encouraging users to click on ads, ad implementations that may cause a high volume of accidental clicks, etc.)
  • Automated clicking tools or traffic sources, robots, or other deceptive software. Read more at AdSense Help Resource

How To Protect Adsense Account From Self Clicking Without Disabling Ads?

We usually don’t click on our AdSense ads, but sometimes it happens with a mistake. Sometimes our friends or family members have access to our PC. To track users, Google uses cookies, IP address, and other data which are saved in our browser. Mistakenly, one of our friend or any family member opens our blog and clicks on ads. This type of things is dangerous for your AdSense account. So, I have a fantastic solution for you. By using this you, your friends and family members can directly click on ads without any AdSense terms violation. Let’s start

This type of things is dangerous for your AdSense account. So, I have a fantastic solution for you. By using this you, your friends and family members can directly click on ads without any AdSense terms violation. Let’s start

  1. Install “Google Publisher Toolbar – Chrome Web Store“ on your Chrome browser.
  2. Click on Google Publisher Toolbar ( Grey Icon ) icon on the upper right corner of the browser.
  3. Click on Enable button for Adsense option ( You can also click rest of the options).
  4. Click on Allow button to grant access to your AdSense account.
  5. Click again on Google Publisher Toolbar ( Blue Icon ). It will start showing your Adsense Estimated Revenue.
  6. Now you can click any AdSense ads on your website. After clicking the ads, it will show you that particular Ad detail instead of opening that Ad.

See below screenshot. How my ads are overlayed by AdSense Publisher Toolbar.

As you know, the ads are now showing differently. When I clicked that, it opens a new window which shows performance details of that particular ad.

This method can secure your account from self-clicking which happens accidently by us or our friends or relatives when they use our PC. Now I will tell you next thing which can protect your Adsense account from click bombing attack which is done by other bloggers.

How To Protect Adsense Account From Clicking Bombing?

Before going further, lemme clear one thing about Click Bombing. Many people don’t know the meaning of Click Bombing.

What is Click Bombing?

Clickbombing is a type of attack on a adsense publisher website where lots of automatic clicks are generated in an unusual way.  – GenUpdates

One of the best thing about WordPress is that we can extend its functionality by installing plugins. You are smart enough; Now you have an idea about my next part. Yes, I’m going to use a WordPress plugin to protect AdSense account from click bombing. The name of this plugin is ”Adsense Click-fraud Monitoring ” This plugin is not available on WordPress repository. This is hosted on Github. You can download the latest version of this plugin from its GitHub page.

  1. Go to Adsense Click-fraud Monitoring plugin’s page.
  2. Download the latest. ZIP file from Github.
  3. Now login to your WordPress site and Goto Plugins>>Add New>>Upload.
  4. Upload the zip file which you have downloaded in the previous step.
  5. Activate it.
  6. Go to Plugins>>Click-fraud Monitoring. You will see the plugin’s configuration page.
  7. Setup the configuration as per your need.

Configuration/ Setting page for Adsense Click-fraud Monitoring Plugin:

Note: To get this plugin to work you have to wrap your Adsense Ad unit codes with a custom DIV class. In my side custom class is “genpro” so I have wrapped my ad codes like this:

<div class=”genpro”>ADSENSE CODE HERE</div>

Now your AdSense is wrapped with a secure <div> class tag. It will start blocking IP address and stop showing ads to the people who crossed the Click Limit set on the configuration page.

By using above steps, you will secure your AdSense account from self-clicking and click-bombing by others.

Additional Steps To Make Your AdSense Account More Secure

  • Don’t tell your relatives or friends to that your AdSense account is approved. Advise them to never click on ads on your site until you get massive traffic.
  • Don’t leave your PC to someone else without clearing cookies and cache.
  • If you’re not working on your blog, then close the internet connection.
  • Last but not least, if your website has little traffic 300 pageviews/day or below then consider disabling ads on your site.
EDIT #1: I’m using this plugin for more than a year and found it compatible with most of the themes.
I’m not promoting this plugin for any affiliate or commission. I’m recommending this because of its features. Give it a try.
EDIT #2: It’s been more than 8 months and I have not written a single post on blogging category. But after getting such original comments I have decided to continue on blogging topic and keep sharing my knowledge.

I hope you like this post and found it helpful. Your original & open comments are the only thing that inspires me to write such type of articles. So, what are you waiting for? I’m waiting to listen to your thoughts and suggestion regarding this post.


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  1. Mehzab Ali says

    I’ll implement this soon on my new blog. Thank you.

  2. Navneet Juneja says

    WordPress is really awesome. I’ll migrate from ghost to WordPress and use that awesome plugin. Really, awesome post.

    1. Rahul says


  3. Praveen Rajarao says

    Hi Rahul,
    Very good article and good tips to save our adsense account from being disabled. Thanks.

    1. Rahul says

      @Praveen Bro,
      Glad to know that this article helped you. You can also secure your AdSense by not using FLOAT ADS.
      Thank for commenting here. 😀

  4. felipe says

    thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssss veryyyyy good

    1. Rahul says

      Thank you so much 😀 😀 😀

    1. Rahul says

      Thanks, @Happy for your comment.

  5. sharon says

    nice article, a friend refer me to this plugin “Adsense Invalid Click Protector” (AICP) i don’t know if it is advisable for one to make use of it on her blog..

    Thanks Awaiting reply

    1. Rahul says

      Hi @Sharon,
      Sorry for my late reply. I have tested AICP but it doesn’t work for me.
      The plugin listed in this post is working without any error and it’s completely free.

      If you need any help. Ping me.

      Cheers 😀

  6. Claire Evans says

    I checked your view-source, you aren’t using ‘Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring’ I dont even see thing.

    1. Rahul says

      I’m still using this. You can check clickfraud-monitoring plugin’s JS files are loaded. And, I’m not using the class “genpro”. I’m using “genads”. You can check the source.


    2. Rahul says

      I have checked again my source code and its working fine without any issue. Btw thanks for letting me know about it.

  7. Claire Evans says

    Ok now I see ‘genads genads-3’…How do you tweak the setting? Do you leave on its default like click limits=2 & click during last n days=7.


    1. Rahul says

      Hi Claire,
      I have following settings:
      Click Limits = 2 &
      Clicks during last n days: = 3

      I recommend you to keep the Click Limits to 2 or if you have traffic 10K+ per day then you can increase its value to 3.


  8. Nikita Tsu says

    What are your settings? Do you leave it by default.

    1. Rahul says

      Hi Nikita,
      I have following settings:
      Click Limits = 2 &
      Clicks during last n days: = 3


  9. Muhammad Asad Iqbal says

    i’m using this plugin for 3 months but now cfmonitor free versions (1.8.6, 1.9.0) is not working for more then 1 day.
    now i’m making plan to buy this premium version but i scared if it’ll also not work…

    1. Rahul says

      Hi muhammad,
      You are right. Cfmonitor doesn’t work at all. But, the plugin that I’m talking about in this post “Adsense Click-fraud Monitoring”, this is totally free and you don’t need premium version. I hope this helps.

      Note: “CFmonitor” & “Adsense Click-fraud Monitoring”, both are different plugins, they are not same.


      1. Muhammad Asad Iqbal says

        Dear Rahul Please Take a Look Again by using your plugin interface (here in browser find you can press Ctrl+F and write “cfmonitor” .)
        Both Are Same.

        1. Rahul says

          Bro, I request you to check the files. CTRL+F in HTML doesn’t show you real things.
          I have used 3 plugins
          1. CFMONITOR – was available at now removed
          2. AICP – available at
          3. AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring – Available at Github but Not in
          and for your knowledge, “AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring” plugin is based on “CFMONITOR”.
          CFMONITOR stopped working and the original developers were not updating it so someone used those files, fixed bugs added some features and re-created that plugin with a new name “AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring”.

          That’s all. 😉

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