The Best Alternative of App Stores “Appvn”

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Today I am going to introduce a new app market which is similar to Apple App store and Google Play store. We are fond of official app stores like Play Store and Apple App store but In this post, I am going to share something which is new to you.

So coming up with the app name, It’s Appvn.

So what is Appvn and how it is the best free alternative to App stores?

Lemme explain it.

Appvn is a popular app store where you can download numerous apps and games for free. It has been considered as the best alternative to Android Play store and Apple App Store.

As we all know, All apps are not available on Playstore but in Appvn, It fetches all apps from Playstore, App store and all the apps which are not present in App stores and provides you at a place. Isn’t it cool?

It is the best third-party app store which comes with the best UI and also it is totally user-friendly.

The app is available for various platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android.

There are some impressive features of this app store. Let me explain in the next section.

Appvn Features:

There are some cool features of this app. I’m going to list out some of them below.

  • There is not any single app store like this available in the market.
  • It updates all the games and apps on its own.
  • It is a totally user-friendly app.
  • You can download paid apps for free. You do not need to worry a little about it. You will not be charged.
  • There is no hidden charge while downloading paid apps.
  • It is very easy to use. You will not get a single problem.
  • The best thing about it is that it fetches the newest apps from Official app stores and provides at one place.
  • It supports Android as Well as iOS and works flawlessly.
  • It supports all android as well as iOS versions.
  • It is the most popular app store right now. It has crossed 3M+ downloads already. You can guess its popularity now.

So, I’ve shared the best features of it. Next, How to get it on your smartphone…

But wait,

There are some requirements you need. So first, let’s head over to its requirements.


You only need a smartphone. It works both on Rooted or Non-rooted devices.

How to Get Appvn App on your Smartphone?

To download the Apk file on your device, Go to our download page from below.

Download Appvn Apk

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