Borderlands 3 has been anticipated ever since Borderlands 2 came out, and that was way back in 2012. And while rumours have been flying around in these intermediated years, the first time we thought we heard something substantial was in 2015, when Gearbox announced that they were working on a new Borderlands game, which they termed as The Big One. That may have been a clear hint that what we were about to get was not something along the lines of The Pre-Sequel, but a third main entry into the franchise. So yes, Borderlands 3 is in the making.

Borderlands 3 Release Date

April 7, 2017

But the wait so far has been long and arduous. The fact is, we have heard so little about the actual game itself that we have no clue about what the game is shaping up to be like. We understand that Gearbox’s decision to keep mum is essential, as there is a huge amount of expectations resting on the shoulders of Borderlands 3. The few bits and pieces that we have come to know are about as solid as air itself, as the creators have made it clear that everything is in a state of ideation right now. However, it looks like fans are about to hear something official about it soon. And if we’re lucky, perhaps we’ll see a launch trailer as well?

What has led to this particular speculation is Gearbox head Randy Pitchford’s tweet on the first day of this year, where he said that the studio was hoping to announce a brand new title that it is currently working on in 2017 itself. Now, this new IP could be anything really, but fans are betting that it is none other than Borderlands 3. After maintaining a nearly steely silence about the inevitably upcoming game, the timing would be justified. There were a few instances earlier when Gearbox was expected to announce Borderlands 3, but things didn’t quite shape up that way. But Pitchford did say they were going to focus on Borderlands 3 after Battleborn, which came out in May last year. So the possibility of a Borderlands 3 announcement in 2017 sounds about right.

But instead of being happy about it, a section among fans think announcing the game too early in its development would be a bad idea, as the devs would then feel the need to rush through the creative process and launch the game too soon. And as we had already seen last year, this was exactly what went wrong with some of the most massively anticipated titles of 2016. And as we already know, nobody likes a buggy game that requires a tonne of patches to fix it. And this has always been a huge hype killer, so any number of patches will not be enough to recover the poor reception, and quite naturally, poor sales figures.

Borderlands 3 is a huge deal, and we have been waiting for it for very long it seems. But Gearbox’s last few attempts have bombed, and that makes us concerned about the upcoming entry in the looter-shooter series. Don’t get us wrong; we do want to see the game come out soon. But we hope the pressure to deliver a great game next doesn’t drive Gearbox to make another mistake.

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