For trade investors preferring 100 percent ownership of their business, Freezone company in Dubai is the best option

Dubai; a global hub of trade intersection is most appealing for international trade investors planning a start-up or only set another branch of their company in the region. Moving ahead, one of best features of a free zone company in Dubai is enjoying full ownership of the enterprise just like in your home country. With regards to the trade rules, regulations, and options, Dubai is quite liberal unlike anywhere else in the world.

Historical overview

Going back a few years, people hesitated in forming a business in Dubai because of the 51 percent ownership share with a local Emirati partner who’s usually referred to as a sponsor. It was frustrating at times as being the actual brain behind the entire setup; you need partner’s consent even before taking the smallest decision, during recruitment, visa sponsorships and so on.

Realizing that foreign trade investment can further bolster the economy; the government of Dubai introduced Free Zones that also allow potential investors to enjoy 100 percent ownership. Establishment of the Jebel Ali Free Zone in 1985 changed the very face of Dubai and introduced many new business opportunities.

Aims & objectives

The primary goal is to improve existing infrastructure of Dubai, and we already see optimistic results. Almost all freezones formed subsequently to the Jebel Ali Free Zone have a uniform set of laws and regulations. However, one notable aspect is each focus on a particular industry. A benchmark for standardization and implementation of rules took place immediately for every freezone company in Dubai providing a ground structure of formation.

Formation requisites

There’re few things you need to consider before choosing freezone as a home ground to establish your corporation;

  • Location

Most of these zones are located near air and seaports whereas some are situated within the major ports; providing easy access towards Emirates.

  • Licensing

Some of the freezones issue licenses almost immediately while others may take around 30 to 40 days depending on complex nature of the business and operating laws pertinent to it. Capital investments may or may not be emphasized that’s also a contributing factor.

  • Facilities & Infrastructure

Infrastructure across these zones is ultra modern; geared with the latest tech allowing potential investors and established companies a last chance to serve with international standards.

License type

Each freezone company in Dubai has a single license under which it operates. Check below for clarity;

  • Trading & Commercial

If your niche is import and export, a “Trading & Commercial” license is issued against your company allowing you to trade with the UAE however indirectly. You need seeking assistance of a listed agent or distributor as import taxes are applied to these particular sales

  • Professional services

For services such as consultancy and management even for the real estate sector, a “professional services” license is for you.


Industrial services, e-commerce, logistics and freelance permit are some other licenses to commence business operations following common rules and regulation of the freezones.


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