Unlike several other video streaming apps in the industry, PlayBox does what it says it’ll do. It’s a very basic app, easy to use and devoid of any malfunction but you need to know that the app can also be used on your Windows PC. In the post, we are going to share a couple of hacks with you and let you know how exactly you can use the app on your phone as well as your Windows PC.

Before we begin the part where we tell you how to get the app, you must realise the kind of benefits you’ll be getting from the app. PlayBox comes absolutely for free and works great in bad internet connection. It doesn’t freeze, neither does it buffer as much say, YouTube would. There numerous shows and movies available and its impossible for everyone to finish watching the vast collection, so the point it that you’ll never be bored once you get the PlayBox in your device. You don’t have to stream the video in one go which means you have the option to pause, resume or stop the video at will. The app is also very user-friendly, and the interface is very easy to sue and do searches. There are

The app is also very user-friendly, and the interface is very easy to sue and do searches. There are advanced searches too and kid’s mode for the safety of your children. For downloading, you can do the selection and download at one place and delete stuff when you want. It’s pretty easy to use and work with. For the advanced search option, all you need to do is get select a few things like the date, the rating, among other things.

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Now before downloading PlayBox into your Android handset, there are a couple of settings that need to be checked. Go to the setting of the phone and then go to security. There you need to turn on the unknown sources setting because only then your phone will allow the app to install. Now since the app isn’t available on Google Play Store thanks to Google’s policy, it has to be Google searched. When to find the app, it’ll be in an apk format so you’d need to download it and then it’ll automatically install into your handset. Now you can see the app on the screen, tap on its and let the viewing begin.

For PC, you can get the app to work in Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1, 10 or Mac OS X. All you need is an internet, 4GB of RAM and 1 GB Graphics Card that needs to be up-to-date. You’ll have to download and install an Android emulator, Bluestacks. Now following the previous process, you need to Google search the app and get the PlayBox apk film downloaded. After this, you’ll have to go to the download folder, select the apk file, and the open it with Bluestacks.

The app work but you’ll have to open it every time with Bluestacks because then PlayBox would be fooled into believing that it’s working on an Android platform which is the truth. As far as the guide goes, this is it. Get in touch if you need to know anything more.

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