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Hi guys, Today I’m going to show you some awesome Facebook pranks of all time. Before doing these pranks, you should have basic knowledge of Facebook links, internet & URL shorteners. You can try these Facebook pranks with your friends using your Facebook prank status. You can also try these pranks on facebook messenger. Facebook messenger prank will be somewhat different, but it works on most of the time. After trying Facebook prank status & facebook messenger pranks, you should give a try to our next trick which is Facebook prank video. You heard right Facebook prank videos are hilarious facebook videos.

Let’s start with our first trick which is called¬†Facebook prank status.

Prank on your Friends using Facebook Status

Below I’m going to show you some tricks which you can apply on your status update. You can try these pranks on FB status only. These facebook status pranks will work on status update only. That’s why we named it the Facebook status prank or in short FB status prank.

As we know that Facebook status update is a nice way to interact with other people in our friend list. So in our first Facebook trick, we are going to use a Facebook status update. We will use engaging keyphrase and a secret link. The sentence or quote that we will use in our facebook timeline update should attract more people. If the status update failed to attract users, then the trick will no longer work anymore. So, our first step is to attract people through our status update and then force them to click on our secret link.

How To Troll Friends On Facebook Messenger ( 9Gag Prank ) Video

It’s all over to you how you write your status and update it. An engaging Facebook post has many benefits. Let’s suppose if people like the status then they will surely comment on it. Some people like to share a good status update. If people started to share your status, then you will have thousands of likes, comments and sometimes by luck 1000s of followers too in no time. All you have to do is to write a cool Facebook prank status.

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