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Here is the list of WhatsApp prank messages for friends; I love you WhatsApp prank messages for girlfriends & boyfriends & WhatsApp prank text for fun.

Hey guys, last time when I was in London I feel so good. Today, I’m going to show some WhatsApp pranks, Prank messages for WhatsApp and Whatsapp Fooling Messages. Here is the huge list of well tried and tested WhatsApp pranks, Whatsapp prank texts, I love you WhatsApp prank messages, Whatsapp msg for a prank. Try these WhatsApp tricks with your friends, family & loved ones. I am going to provide you WhatsApp prank messages for friends; I love you WhatsApp prank messages for girlfriends & boyfriends & WhatsApp prank text for fun.

Spy On Your Friend’s WhatsApp OR Someone Else WhatsApp ( Step by Step ) #Trick1

  • By doing anything, get the mobile of your friend just for 5 minutes.
  • Then, Go to Settings —> About phone —> Status —> Wi-Fi MAC address ( Important )
  • Do it fast and note down the Wi-Fi MAC address of the phone.
  • Now uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile ( Real trick starts here ).
  • Change your Mac id to your friend’s one by using this App Wifi Mac Changer.
  • Now you have to install WhatsApp again on the phone. Install it, open it.
  • It will send a verification code to your friends mobile. Note Down the verification code.
  • After getting the verification code, you can give the mobile back to your friend.
  • Type the verification code in your mobile’s WhatsApp App and verify it.
  • Now, you will get all the contacts, chat messages, images, etc. of your friends account in your mobile phone.
  • Now you have the exact copy of your friends WhatsApp on your mobile. Now you can prank on your friend by reading his private messages.

Note: Use it for prank & fun only. Do not use it for any revenge or illegal purpose.

I Love You WhatsApp Prank Messages for Girls

Well, this is not exactly the prank. Sometimes there is a situation when you have to reply such type of messages. This is dedicated to you, my dear girl ;). Girls find it irritating when someone says her “I love you.” Sometimes they feel confused about what should she say in her next reply. That’s why I created this section only for girls like you.

I can’t give any suggestion to any girl because it depends on the situation, girls nature, and other factors. So, I’m sharing some WhatsApp conversation images for such kind of situation. These images are shared on our site by courtesy of Indiatimes. Let’s start:

  1. For Girls Already in Relationship

I Love You

2. For Girls Using Too Much Hmmm

slide-4_1421217325.jpg (640×679)

3. Avoid The Topic 😛

slide-5_1421217490.jpg (640×679)

4. Simply say, “Thank You” & ignore it.

slide-7_1421217854.jpg (640×679)

5. If you are ( Feminist ) 😉

slide-8_1421218098.jpg (640×679)

6. Take it as Joke 😀 😀 😀

slide-12_1421218842.jpg (640×679)

7. This is for the Attitude 😀 😀 😀

slide-13_1421219048.jpg (640×679)

8. Funniest ignorer ” OR BATA”

slide-19_1421220104.jpg (640×679)

9. Friendzoned LOL 😛


slide-18_1421219894.jpg (640×679)

I hope you like all WhatsApp prank messages discussed above. You can try these WhatsApp tricks to fool them. Above msg are very good WhatsApp fool messages, Whatsapp Fooling Messages and prank messages for WhatsApp to make fun of your friend.

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