Are you looking a government job in nursing? Do you want to become a nurse staff?? Whatever you want to be, you are now at the right place. You will get all required information about this job. Before going further let me ask you one thing, do you know the meaning of staff nurse? Do you know the difference between a nurse and staff nurse?

What is a Staff Nurse?

Answers: – Staff Nurse is one who manages the care and recovery of patients who are ill or injured. She is the part of the General Nursing Staff of a hospital, clinic school or any other organizations which treat Patients. Staff Nurse is the first Professional level of the hospital, so she must be dressed professionally at all time.

She prepares progress reports, gives medication and making sure Patients comfortable. Staff Nurse is the first Professional health care you came into contact whenever you visit Hospital or medical facility.She also acts as ‘de facto’ sister as and when the situation arises in the ward or department Staff Nurse is skilled at giving expert bed care and performs the job at the highly intensive unit.

What are Duties & Responsibilities of  Staff Nurse?

Answer: There are many duties of a Staff Nurse, but we will tell you the main duties & responsibility.

Responsibility towards Patient

  • She will fulfill all basic needs (  hygienic and medication)of the Patient.
  • She-asses the Patient recovery from illness or injuries and prepares their chart of progress.
  • She takes care of patients safety and comfortability.
  • She gives direct patient care like bed bathing, changing of position, hair wash, etc., and allotted work to her by Ward Nurse.
  • She takes charge of duties of staff Nurse from one another in shifts like Morning and evening.
  • To assist the surgeon in Operation Theater for operation and carry out the order of O.T sister when needed.

Responsibility towards critical care unit ICU, burn unit, SNCU unit.

  • To prepare drugs, crash trolley, etc.
  • To Make records of patient neatly arranged.
  • To carry out the instructions given by sister in charge allocated to her.
  • To check out oxygen levels, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide levels for proper use.
  • To maintain necessary safety protocol strictly.
  • To provide special care to the patient guided by the Medical Officer e.g. endotracheal suction
  • To communicate concerned person for proper maintenance of the unit.
  • To check all electrical points, pipeline 02, inbuilt suckers for proper working condition

Responsibility towards ward administration

  • She will make poisonous drugs registered.
  • She will maintain sign and report of shifts and sign it after preparing the report.
  • She makes sure that article is properly arranged and maintain inventory.
  • She will make rounds with doctors and senior nursing officer
  • She will take the report, make bed to bed around at the time of changing of shifts.

Preparation Tips for Staff Nurse Recruitment Exam 2017-18

  • Organize a time for studying the syllabus. Engage yourself in the studying the basics of the Nursing courses.
  • Being a good reader is very important because it gives you the quite important knowledge and helps in becoming more attentive at performing the task.
  • Make flashcards help in learning points on your fingers tips and get it learn.
  • Takes lecture of your syllabus from a registered institution if you can afford, if not then watch youtube videos of teachers teaching staff Nurse courses.
  • Join a study group of friends that will help you to learn new skills.
  • Try to learn answers to common interview questions like: –   What can you tell me about teamwork as part of the job? And In what cases does a staff nurse contact the patient’s family members?

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