Top 10 Best Aquariums In The World You Must Visit

The best aquariums across the world are not only voluminous, but they feature interesting elements which make them informative exhibits.

As an aquarium enthusiast, many of us are eager about aquariums and often get amazed when we see one in our friend’s home or a colleague’s home. However, these days; the number of aquariums is falling short in neighborhoods and we are rarely witnessing a spectacular aquarium. The best aquariums across the world are not only voluminous, but they feature interesting elements which make them informative exhibits. This is the reason why they are fascinating because they give us an opportunity to see the underwater world without feeling isolated or suffocated. To render your curiosity, here’s a list of best aquariums in the world.


  1. The Aquadom:

    The most impressive aquarium on a global level, it is cylindrical and is located in the atrium of Berlin’s Radisson Hotel. The height of the aquarium is 25 meters which are 6 floors high and with a huge diameter of 12 meters. It accommodates a billion liters of water with around 2,500 species living in it. The best part is that you can ride the elevator through the center and look through the glass walls.

  2. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium:

    The aquarium is one of the largest Asian aquariums, and it is divided into different geographical regions, say; the Australian Zone, The Chinese Zone The species are accommodated based on their origin, and it also contains many endangering species in it. It houses an underwater tunnel of 509 feet which is the longest one on earth.

  3. uShaka Marine World:

    Located in the theme park of Durban in South Africa, it is the largest aquarium on earth. It contains a total of 32 tanks with million gallons of water. To enhance the naturality, it is created to resemble the sea wreck with sharks in it.

  4. National Aquarium:

    Situated in Baltimore, it is the oldest aquarium in the world established in 1981. It receives 2 million visitors every year and the best part about this aquarium is that it contains a rainforest terrarium in it. With around 17,000 specimens inside, it represents 660 species on the whole. If you love fishkeeping, you can create a small scale aquarium by buying a 55-gallon fish tank At home.

  5. Monterrey Bay Aquarium:

    Being famous across the world, it is in Monterey’s Cannery Row. It contains two huge tanks; each containing a whole of 1.2 million gallons of water. It contains single paned windows on earth and is relatively very colorful.

  6. Turkuazoo:

    Opened in 2009, it is one of the giant aquariums in the world. It is situated inside the Forum Mall of Istanbul and includes a rainforest habitat and an 80-meter tunnel (underwater) and also a forest flooded wetland habitat. There is a total of 10,000 species living in this aquarium with 1.3 million water gallons.

  7. L’Oceanografic:

    This aquarium is located in Valencia in an exhibition hall named as City of Arts and Science. As it is Spain, the number of visitors it has are relatively higher which made the aquarium more popular than the others. It contains around 45,000 different species and the exterior is enhanced with the architectural ornamentation.

  8. The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium:

    Opened in the year of 2002, it is a part of the famous Ocean Expo Park known as the Kuroshio Sea. It contains a total of a billion gallons of water and is made of strong and clear acrylic glass. It is well known for manta rays and whale sharks.

  9. Dubai Mall Aquarium:

    Dubai Mall, which is the largest shopping mall on earth also contains the largest aquarium on earth which holds 33,000 specimens with 2.64 million liters of water. It is bigger than the Okinawa glass panel and accounts for 400 different species on a whole.

  10. Georgia Aquarium:

    The honour of the aquarium goes to Atlanta which inaugurated it back in 2005. It is well known for being massive containing 7 million gallons of water and also for the whale shark number it contains. It is known to be a home for the whale sharks, but due to the recent death of two big sharks, it is now in controversy.


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