WWE 2K18: 2017 has already set in, and we’re about to see a good number of games emerge this new year. The first quarter itself will see the arrival of some A-listers and heavy hitters such as Mass Effect: Andromeda and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It looks like there’s something for nearly everyone on offer. However, wrestling game fans are waiting for the latter part of the year for something big that hasn’t been announced yet.

This new unannounced game is WWE 2K18, and its lack of an announcement does not mean it is not coming out. That’s the fun part about being a fan of a game that belongs to a famous annual series. We know that it’s coming, though what fans will get to see in WWE 2K18 remains a mystery. But that gives us the room to create our list of things that we could do in the upcoming game. So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Graphics Upgrade: One of the biggest complaints about the series has been a poor graphical presentation, and that mainly resulted in a backlash in WWE 2K17. Last year’s game was expected to finally come with the kind of graphics overhaul that has long been awaited in the games, but it failed to live up to those expectations. There are several reasons why this happened. Firstly, the series hasn’t done an engine refresh in a long time now, so even though the animations have got better over the years, they are still not completely glitch free. One other reason is the inclusion of some new features every year to upgrade the gameplay. WWE 2K17 brought in an impressive amount of changes that resulted in the game coming to resemble its real-life counterpart pretty closely, especially during the matches. A lot of time and energy go into implementing these smaller details that matter, but focusing on them also makes the creators overlook the technical aspects. So for this year, we hope to see a significant graphical overhaul in WWE 2K18.

Kurt Angle in 2K Showcase: There has been a lot of talks surrounding the return of the famous wrestler and showman in WWE. But what does that mean for the upcoming 2K game? Well, 2K  in the past has signed on a lot of WWE A-listers for its game, and everyone from Brock Lesnar to CM Punk to Steve Austin has graced the games’ covers in recent years. Rumors about Kurt Angle making it to the game as part of the pre-order bonus has been doing the rounds for a while now. But what if the Olympic winner was included in WWE 2K18 as part of something bigger, like the 2K Showcase. In the 2016 game, 2K made a conscious decision to exclude the preferred fan mode. But that doesn’t mean that the same will be repeated in 2K18, as it offers fans an amazing chance to play out some of the most memorable matches as their favorite superstar. If Angle makes it to WWE 2K18 in any form, we think his inclusion in the Showcase will be reason enough for fans to rejoice. And making him the cover athlete would just be epic.

While some other things could come with WWE 2K18, we don’t think these two are too much to ask for. Especially if the creators want to make their fans happy. Expect WWE 2K18 to come out by October 2017 for most platforms.


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